The Pension Reform Act (PRA) 2014 expands coverage of the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) to the self-employed and persons working in organizations with less than 3 employees. The commission recognizes that this category of workers constitute the larger percentage of the working population in the country, hence the introduction of the Micro Pension Plan (MPP), to cater for these people when they are at an advanced age. Radix Pension Managers is an innovative and dedicated pension partner that offers competitive returns that takes care of the future so you can live life today, and still enjoy your life at retirement. Because we understand the need of our clients, we provide a comprehensive, efficient and effective package for our various clients, including individuals, unions, associations, cooperatives as well as corporate clients. We know that the choice of a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) will go a long way in determining your financial independence and quality of life after retirement. At Radix Pension Managers, we take the burden of the future off your shoulders so you can get on with living life. We put you first and remain excited to partner with you on this financial planning journey.