Financial Statements

2019 Audited Accounts
2018 Transitional Contribution Fund Statement
2018 Audited Account for Fund 4
2018 Audited Account for Fund 3
2018 Audited Account for Fund 2
2018 Audited Account for Fund 1
2018 Company’s Audited Account
2017 Company’s Audited Account
Radix Pension 2016 Audited Financial Statement – TCF
Radix Pension 2016 Audited Financial Statement – RSA
Radix Pension 2016 Audited Financial Statement – Retiree
Auditors Report
Radix Pension 2015 Audited Financial Statement – RSA and Retiree
IGIPFM Approved 2015 Audited Financial Statements
IGIPFM Approved 2014 Audited Financial Statements
2013 Company’s Audited Account
2013 Retirement Savings Account (RSA)Fund Audited Account
2013 Legacy Fund Audited Account


Radix RSA Form
Radix Pension Brochure


Regulations For The Transfer Of RSA
Notice Of Retirement Form
Retiree Indemnity Form
Dead Or Missing Person Notification Report
Death Notification Form (Public Sector Deceased Only)
Documents Required for Enbloc
Programmed Withdrawal Agreement
Documents Required For 25% Withdrawal
List Of Requirements For Accessing Retirement Benefits
Documents Required for Voluntary Contribution Withdrawal
Documents Required for Lump Sum & Programmed Withdrawal or Annuity
Regulations For The Administration Of Retirement and Terminal Benefits
Retiree Consent Form


Schedule Of Contributions

NSITF Transfer Documents

NSITF Personal Indemnity Form
NSITF Transfer

PENCOM Approved Fee Structure

Letter to Operators on Fees Review
Letter to Operators on Retiree Fund
Revised Fee Structure


Client Data Update
Code of Ethic and Business Practises for Licensed Operators
Guidelines of Life Insurance Policy
Pension Reform Act 2014
Whistle Blowing Guidelines For Pensions
Balance Sheet
Auditor Report
Rates of Return on RSA Funds
Framework On Revised Programmed Withdrawal Template
Data Recapture Form
Stakeholder Engagement Policy