Compulsory Retirement

Compulsory retirement occurs when an employee disengages from active service in accordance with the terms and conditions of service, before attaining the age of 50 years.

Benefit Accessible

An RSA holder in this category shall be entitled to 25% of the RSA balance, upon request, provided that the individual has been out of job over a period of 4 months.

The RSA holder will be required to submit the following documents

  1. Letter of request addressed to the Managing Director of Radix Pension Managers Limited
  2. A copy of Applicant’s employment and disengagement/Exit letter from the employer
  3. Birth Certificate or Sworn Declaration of Age
  4. Benefit Application Forms {(i) Personal Data Form and (ii) Bank Account Form}, both forms should be obtained from the PFA
  5. Letter of Confirmation of account details from the Applicant’s Bank
  6. Valid Means of Identification:- Any of these {National ID Card, Driver’s License, Valid international Passport, Permanent Voters Card or Letter of Confirmation of Identity from a Notary Public}
  7. Letter of Confirmation of Accrued Pension remittance/Acknowledgement of Indebtedness from the employer
  8. Two (2) Passport Photographs