September 5, 2018

Tips To Boost Your Self-Esteem At Work

At a certain point in one’s life, you may have been subjected to moments of self-doubt and fear. Consider all the times you failed to make a decision because you thought you weren’t qualified to do so and had to rely on someone else to take action. These moments could be demoralising to your self-esteem and may literally prevent you from growing and making strides in your career.

Luckily, there’s always a way out. Here are some tips to help boost your self-esteem;

(i) Understand That Nobody is Perfect: For a fact, only computers are known to have the ability to be perfect and accurate, because they give you output (result) based on your programme inputs them. As humans, we can only strive to be our best versions rather than chase after perfection.

(ii) Be Nice To Yourself: Why doubt your abilities? Obviously, somebody thought you were good enough which is why you got the job. Give yourself some slack and say nice things to yourself. The more you practice this, the more confident you feel. You may even find out that you’re being much more productive.

(iii) Celebrate Your Small Victories: Victories are victories, whether small or big. The moment you start celebrating your little wins, you begin to appreciate your abilities, and in turn, feel good about yourself. This will serve as motivation to continue working towards more victories.

(iv) Be Yourself: You’re good enough. But, the moment you start acting like that girl or boy next door because they appear to be getting it right, you begin to feel less of yourself. Trust your own instincts and experiences, they also count for something worthwhile.

(v) Nobody Gets It Right All the Time: Sometimes, it may feel like the weight of the world is on you, and you worry that if you don’t just get things right, the world may end. However, the world is full of people who are also trying to get it right. Relax.

Just remember to always stay true to yourself and do away with any form of negativity.